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NURDspace Project
Participants Buzz
Status Getting parts
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Use in other project
Tool category
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New Idea

Ok so, PCL ( http://pointclouds.org/ ) has a port of Kinect Fusion nowadays.

If we can just compile this and run it on a computer with some good cpu and lotsa cuda cores (nvidia geforce8 or newer), we can just wave a kinect around and get awesome scans!1!!!!

Old Idea

Well, ehm.

I ordered some parts last night for this, as I want to play around with it (and they were cheap)

Idea; re-implement http://www.david-laserscanner.com/

Probably the cheap DX stepper I ordered doesn't have enough steps, so it will need some gears, but we'll see later

Also needed;

  • Servo
  • Bearings (?)
  • Gears (?)
  • Plates (backpanel, turntable)
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