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NURDspace Project
Participants Buzz, Fwd
Skills Electronics
Status Getting parts
Niche Other
Purpose Fun
Tool category
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  • Still planning out etc, but received the pump!


We want to try out a simple 1 bottle bot, and continue from there if successful.

Research Material


  • Be able to serve a measured drink
  • Do it reliably, repetitive, within ~5 seconds
  • Alert when bottle is empty
  • Low maintenance, preferably no maintenance at all (except for restocking booze obviously)

Part list

  • Tubing (hydrofobic if possible)
  • Airpump (1-way if that exists, to prevent evaporation)

We just ordered;

  • Alternatively: peristaltic pump
  • Rubber plugs, conic shaped, maybe with holes for tubing? -> maybe standard lab equipment?
  • Electronic Kitchenscale
  • Arduino to interface with the former
  • Relay to switch the pump
  • Some pincher or valve to close and open the tube exiting the bottle (to keep CO2 and evaporation inside when idle)
  • Bottle of Booze
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