End of the Year '14

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End of the Year '14
Name End of the Year '14
Date 2014/12/31
Location Spaace!
Contact buZz, dreamer
Attendees Buzz, Dennis, Dreamer

Party in to the new year!

Start: 19:00 (earlier if you want to eat @ space obviously)

End: ~12:00 next day

Start & End arent hard times, but this will guarantee someone is there...


  • joostvb would like to play some tunes
  • dreamer is also up for some spinning
  • .. moar?
  • stream/playlist in the chillout/smoke-room?
20:12:42 <@schauw> pak gewoon een stream van intergalacticfm


  • space has -some- Club Mate , not a lot .. also coffee/tea/water enough to last us a winter
  • byo booze/whisky/beers/etc
  • bbq beforehand is possible, if enough want to join?
  • ..


  • There is a Aldi -next- to the space , i'll figure out closing times on 31/12 soon its only open till 17:00
  • There is also a AH just a ~5 minute walk away, which is open till 21:00
  • bring sleeping gear if you want to sleep! (matras, blankets, pillow etc) (there are ~3 couches that can be used as sleeping surface aswell)


  • joostvb + 1
  • krageon + nathalator
  • realitygaps (probably + 1)
  • Cha0z97
  • eddie + 2
  • michael
  • ..
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