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FPGA workshop
Name hands-on FPGA
Date 2015/05/02
Location @space
Contact theo
Attendees Buzz, Danieltoo, DeeTwo, Dennis, Dreamer, Zarya

A two-day hands-on workshop FPGA programming.

Hardware: an Altera cyclone FPGA development kit such as Terasic de0 nano (http://www.terasic.com.tw/cgi-bin/page/archive.pl?Language=English&CategoryNo=139&No=593) or (preferably) Bemicro CV ( http://parts.arrow.com/item/detail/arrow-development-tools/bemicrocv#ypJJ).

  • note* I've tried to order Bemicro CV's as that would be better value (cyclone V instead of cyclone IV and 128MB instead of 32MB RAM), but the order got bounced. They go in and out of stock constantly, so i'll try again later

Topics include

  • Recap of basic logic design principles
  • FPGA hardware architecture, logic blocks, look-up tables, memory and multipliers
  • FPGA resource constraints: routing, logic blocks, IO limitations
  • Hard & Soft IP and licensing
  • Installing Quartus on a linux machine
  • Design project workflow
  • Basic (V)HDL
  • Nios IIe system builder.
  • Altera vs Xilinx vs Lattice vs .....


Some understanding of logic circuitry design principles, a supported (Altera) FPGA development kit and access to a (linux) computer for running the Quartus software


Free as in free beer and free speech, but limited to the consumables that you bring yourself ;-)


  • Diedenoort, Wageningen


Date and supported development kits are tentative, and will be fixed at least 8 weeks before workshop. If necessary we can organize a group-buy.

If you're interested in joining please PM me at the0 @ #nurds (irc.oftc.net) OR reply to my mail to the mailing list. It would be useful to know how much you know about digital circuit design as well

Want to attend

  • Some other date, not feb 14 Anus probably +1 (or 2) with some fpga bits and bobs
  • dreamer
  • ..



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