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NURDspace Project
Participants Bjornl, Buzz, Dennis
Status Dormant
Niche Electronics
Purpose Use in other project
Tool category
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buZz scored some IPC@Chip boards from SA007 on eth0. We are trying to get some more boards from him.

- Selling! buZz has about 6 of these boards that can be bought for just 4 euro a piece (0% profit)

This project page is meant to collect information about this board, list useful links, and generally promote this as an easy-to-get-into controller for general purposes.

  • SC12 based
  • 20Mhz 80186
  • 512kb ram
  • 512kb flash
  • two serial ports (the board turns them into rs488 and rs232 on seperate connectors)
  • 10Mbit ethernet

Links with info :

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