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NURDspace Project
Participants Buzz
Skills Mechanics
Status Planning
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Infrastructure
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Whats the deal

Moba wants to sponsor a big machine! This will probably end up @ the Fablab :)

What is this machine capable of normally

This machine is ment for 3D measuring of objects.

It has a reach of 600x450x300mm and an accuracy of 0.001mm which both are really awesome!

You would place an object inside its reach and would be able to sense the measurments on X, Y and Z axis.

Whats wrong with it

As I understand it, currently it just moves but doesn't sense anything

What can we do with it

Couple of options;

  • Fix the measurement sensor
  • Replace the head with a 3D printing head
  • Replace the head with a milling head (dremel mount?)
  • .. something else?

Actions needed

  • Fablab needs to decide if they want it
  • Machine needs to move from Moba (barneveld) to Wageningen
  • Work on the machine (buZz and profzon want to do this)

Moar info

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