Infra refresh

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Infra refresh
Infra refresh.png
Participants Zarya
Skills Network, IP, Muscles
Status Planning
Niche Hardware
Purpose Infrastructure
Tool No
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Infra refresh

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Stuff needed

Server room

  • Lots of velcro
  • Assorti cables



In general the plan is to migrate from the current 192.168.* structure towards a more organised, separately subnetted structure for different classes of machines.

  • Install new dns + dhcp server with IPAM (for syncronising DNS to DHCP)
  • Install new ldap (via ansible)
    • Upgrade FusionDirectory (or replace?)
  • Create inventory of hosts in that need to stay
  • Move most vm's to vm vlan (
  • Replace with (DHCP) or (Static)

Server room

  • Turn everything off
  • Clean up rack 2 in the server room
  • Move the rack from the wall for more easy access
  • Put hardware back in rack


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