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NURDs Inventory
Owner Space
Status Infrastructure
Location Coherence
Tool No
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This is a PostgreSQL server. For documentation refer to [1]

Shit is broken yo

This container is currently very unhappy. After boot, you have to manually start networking and postgres.

service postgresql start
service networking start


  • 9.1 on port 5432 (used)
  • 9.4 on port 5433 (currently unused)
  • 9.6 on port 9434 (currently unused)


This machine has ldap authentication enabled.

Just a few pointers about creating databases and authentication:

If you are logged in on the shell of a postgres machine, postgresql normally uses Ident authentication. This means that starting using postgresql command-line tools, logs you in as the postgresql user with the same name as your shell user.

To log in to the postgresql command-line tool with the postgresql equivalent of the root user (called postgres), execute

sudo -u postgres psql

By default you log-in to the database with the same name as your username. To log-in to a different database do:

sudo -u postgres psql -d <dbname>

Databases and users can be created with normal command-line tools. To create a user and database owned by it, do:

sudo -u postgres createuser -P <username>
sudo -u postgres createdb -U UTF8 -T template0 -O <username> <username>

It is best to create databases with the same name as the owner. This is due to pg_hba.conf. This file (in /etc/postgres/<version>/main/), defines which user is allowed to log-in to which database, from which host and with which method. By default, postgres allows the postgres user to log into any database, and users only from localhost into databases with the same name as their username when password authentication is used.

If you need username/password authentication from other hosts, add a line to pg_hba.conf, allowing it.

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