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Following the current (spring 2020) viruspandemic, board has proposed some rules so that NURDspace can reopen safely. This document is an attempt to get member input on said rules.

Da Rules

Limited Amount of People

Officially the 'store' rule is 1 person per 10m² , but seeing as most our areas are filled up with stuff, this is not practical for us. We have been considering limiting number of people per area as following:

  • Zaal 1 , max 3 ppl occupancy Possibly this means banning (or moving?) the two desks next to the member drawers.
  • Zaal 2 , max 1 person occupancy.
  • Game Area , max 1 person occupancy.
  • Bar area / maker lounge / VR space , max 3 person occupancy. (a cook could be exempt to make this +1 temporary if remaining inside kitchenarea only)
  • Studio , max 1 person occupancy.
  • Toilets , max 1 person occupancy.

For all areas this means that people inside will have to be spread apart at least 1.5m, so no sharing couches or lapdances etc.

Also these limits allow +1's temporary in all cases beside the studio and toilets, to at least be able to explain to ppl how long you're staying etc.

Long distance Space Visits

It should be possible for people that live >10minutes from nurdspace to even 'use' the space, so maybe we could make some 'placeholder' people that count towards the limits to be set down remotely , or something?


As there's no method by which we can control visitoramounts of members to nurdspace, at this time these will not be allowed at the space.

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