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30 day discard pile / rack
IMG 20151213 245612489.jpg
Skills removal
Status Dead
Niche excessive stuff
Purpose Transportation
Tool No
Location 30 day rack in space
Cost zero
Tool category

30 day discard pile / rack

IMG_20151213_245612489.jpg {{#if:No | [[Tool Owner::{{{ProjectParticipants}}} | }} {{#if:No | [[Tool Cost::zero | }}

A pile with stuff that either needs to go or become part of an active project.

You want it? You label it, wait to see if anyone else shows interest and if not take posession and remove it from the rack.

Any computer hardware left unclaimed in the rack after expiry of the 30 day period will be collected by dreamer, who will sell it for scrap and donate half the proceedings to nurdspace

BOTTOM half of the rack now contains 5 servers:

Any unclaimed servers from this pile will be remodeled March 16th

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