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Participants Dennis
Skills Administration
Status Active
Niche Sharing books
Purpose Sharing, get more people to the space
Tool No
Location Space hallway
Cost None
Tool category


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Bookcrossing is an online platform where you can register books and release them into the world. People can log whenever they encounter one of the books, so that books are tracked. We started adding books from our collection to bookcrossing. It serves multiple purposes:

  • Get rid of unused books
  • Share knowledge
  • Get more people acquainted with NURDspace


We are out of bookcrossing labels. We could:

  • Order labels
  • Make labels
  • Adjust !label function in Nurdbot

Add book to bookcrossing

  • Login to bookcrossing
  • Register book
  • Put label in book
  • Put book in designated space in our book shelves
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