BornHack 2021

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BornHack 2021
Name BornHack 2021
Date 2021/08/19
DateEnd 2021/08/26
Location Location=Hylkedamvej 54, 5591 Gelsted, Funen, Denmark 55.385601, 9.939074

Bornhack, some backround

A nice "small" camp with approximately 350 ish (if on full capacity) people in Geldsted Denmark. With the duration of 7 days! Even more if you want to help with the build-up or tear-down.

BornHack 2019 and 2020 where a nice start for some Dutchies that went there. With a shared kitchen in a tent, the possibility to rent a fridge, with pots and pans spices and microwave.

There is also the possibility to get a bike, to go to the store, but also every day a car service to go to Geldsted.

Info and tickets

Info Bornhack 2021: Tickets:

Yes, I going

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