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Name bornhack 2019 - 7 day camp
Date 2019/08/08
DateEnd 2019/08/15
Location Hylkedamvej 54, 5591 Gelsted, Funen, Denmark

The camp is from Thursday August 8th until Thursday August 15th Regular tickets are approximately 160 euro

If sufficient people are interested in going then it is feasible to book a coach.

The coach would leave Wednesday, arrive Thursday morning, and return next week Friday.

As a short holiday it would be perfect - you take two weeks off, spend the weekend doing your holiday-chores like painting your shed and draining the pond, then you pack your bags and tents at leisure and leave on Wednesday, arriving in DK after a refreshing coach-trip. After returning on Friday you still have the weekend to sleep-off your 'jet-lag'

@42 people, coach fares there and back would be approximately 125 euro per person.

@60 people, coach fares there and back would be approximately 100 euro per person.

Who *might be* interested in going?

  • note: this is an 'animocheck' - not an offer nor a contract*

The_Niz (will decide later)



Anus (no coaching)

zarya + oosjeu (no coaching)


(add your name)

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