Brother KH-900

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Brother KH-900
Owner BuZz
Status Working
Location buZz
Tool Yes
Tool category Textile arts

Brother KH-900


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Today I have scored a knittingmachine and a set of accessories. This wikipage is an attempt at documentation.

--buZz (talk) 00:53, 6 June 2014 (CEST)

Want have


  • KH-900 - The knittingmachine
    • 200 needles
    • needledistance 4.5mm
    • 50 built-in patterns
    • memory for 25920 stitches
    • patterns can be max 24 stitches wide

  • KA-8200 - Intarsia carriage
    • no clue what this is

  • KA-9000 - Lace carriage
    • for eh, yeah, lace patterns? not sure

  • Knitarsia - Multi Yarn Brake
    • no clue what this is

  • Toyota Wool Winder
    • to wind up wool!

  • Breiboek
    • this includes some different documents;
      • Original Dutch Pricelist of October 1990
      • Original Dutch Manual
      • Handtyped (and xerox-ed?) knitting instructions, written by 'ria'
      • Manual for the 'L Sled'
      • Previews (in color) of all the patterns.

Wanted Hacks

  • Interface to computer and feed designs.

  • Automate the carriage. Make it move by itself.

  • Knit a hark-sweater!!!

Saved Documents

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