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CNC Machine
Status Dead
Niche Hardware
Purpose Infrastructure
Tool Yes
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CNC Machine

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Current status

  • Machine was at ROC A12 in Ede.
  • Machine could have been delivered to us for E150,- in june 2015.
  • The state of the machine is unknown it could just work
  • Since owner of our building objected to the use of this machine, we had to pass on it. :(
  • The machine is now at Fablab Amersfoort/De Spullenmannen/De War -

Machine info

  • File:CNC manual.pdf
  • According to the provided manual these are the specs:
  • It works on 230 Volt, 1 phase and i think it needs about 10 Amp
  • The machines weight is around 1250KG
  • Width=85cm, Length=100cm, Height=155cm
  • Pick and Place, vacuum
  • Soldering (accuracy 0,01 mm)
  • Drilling (accuracy 0,015 mm)
  • Milling


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