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= What =
= What =
== Put [[Coherence]] in/on 19" rack in kitchen ==
== Put [[Coherence]] in/on 19" rack in kitchen ==
* Shutdown
* Shutdown

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Coherence movery and upgradery
Name Coherence movery and upgradery
Date 2020/06/20
DateEnd 2020/06/21
Location Space


Put Coherence in/on 19" rack in kitchen

  • Shutdown
  • Move to kitchen
  • Put disks in printed bracket
  • Power on

Upgrade stuff

Since we have planned downtime anyway, now is the time to upgrade some of our stuff. Let's make a list below of what we want to upgrade and who is doing it.

Please make backups first before you upgrade a VM or container

  • Portal's apache
  • Coherence proxmox
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