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Coherence update 2022
Name Coherence update 2022
Date 2022/01/06
DateEnd 2022/01/31
Location Space
Contact Melan
  • Date still needs to be determined.


We are several versions behind on Proxmox on Coherence, as of writing the current version of Proxmox is 7.1-7 while we are still running 5.4-13(!). This means that we can't make any new LXC containers with newer distributions because they are simply not supported by Proxmox 5. Several attempts to upgrade Coherence have been made in the past, but I hope this time we can actually do it! It would also be nice if we could use this as an opportunity to clear old unused VMs and containers off Coherence.

Upgrading Proxmox path

A upgrade from 5 to 6 is needed, and from there on we can upgrade from 6 to 7. - [1] - [2]

Upgrade stuff (can be done already when backups are possible)

Please make backups first before you upgrade a VM or container

There should be a backup system available on backup-nfs before we start.

Debian containers should be Debian 10 at least before we can upgrade Proxmox, and Ubuntu 18.04 it seems.

Thinking steps required

* Backups - if we mess up, how do we bring things back? - Need at least 4Tb to do this.

  • Redundancy - Can we upgrade some other host and migrate? Would this be a good plan going forwards?

- Probably not required - Proxmox upgrade scripts should check containers before upgrades.

  • Upgrades - All VkMs/Containers below need to be ticked off


A system called `notnotapp` has been setup and has 4x 1TB in raid 5 storage, meaning we have 3TB available for backup with redundancy. Although, roughly 1.8TB has been used for the mp3 share and the user data. Which should leave enough for VMs however, it is advised to remove your backup once the VM has been successfully upgraded to leave enough room.

A update of the user directory and mp3 share has finished at 10 January, rsync should be ran from time to time to keep notnotapp in sync with notapp. There is 966GB left free for VM backups.

List of LXCs/VMs

LXCs/VMs in need of OS upgrade

VMID type Name OS Done Remarks
100 LXC Debian 9 - Petraea - a junky attempt at trying to come up with a common deployment standard for Nurdspace, and some mechanism of applying security standards. Could be folded.
101 LXC Debian 9 - Critical - this is the main container that provides storage mounts to everywhere (egg, mpd). Update this one early.
102 LXC Debian 9 - A partkeepr frontend. Zarya?
103 LXC Debian 9 - Is seriously broken :< needs fixing (plz save the db)
112 VM Debian 8 - Zarya
122 LXC CentOS 6.6 - Zarya
125 LXC Debian 7 - Buzz
133 LXC Debian 9 - Critical
140 LXC Ubuntu 16.04 LTS - Crticial
144 VM nurdservices.nurdspace.lan Debian 9 - Critical

LXCs/VMs that are upgraded

Some of these have been done previously

VMID type Name OS Done Remarks
105 VM Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS OK
107 LXC Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OK
109 LXC asterisk Debian 10 Previously
118 LXC gopher Debian 10 OK
119 LXC Debian 10 Previously
123 VM Hass OS 6.6 -
124 LXC Ubuntu 20.04 LTS OK
128 LXC Debian 10 Previously
131 LXC Debian 10 Previously

LXCs/VMs that are not running

These can possibly be deleted or archived.

VMID type Name OS Done Remarks
104 LXC Debian 10 Previously
106 VM  ? -
108 VM  ? -
110 LXC  ? - Petraea - An old routing box for prototyping different network layers. Could be folded.
111 LXC Flunk  ? -
113 LXC  ? - Petraea - An old monitoring setup (zabbix). Could be folded.
114 LXC Debian 8 - Petraea - An old IoT processing system. Could be folded.
115 LXC  ? - Gaming VM. Zarya?
116 LXC  ? -
117 LXC  ? -
120 LXC Debian 9 -
121 LXC  ? - Petraea
127 LXC  ? -
135 LXC  ? -
137 LXC Debian 7 - Petraea - Some central means of coordinating WoL handling with an API. Could be folded.
141 LXC  ? - Petraea
143 LXC  ? - Petraea - an old artistic neural network processor. Could be folded.
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