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Dafang keuken.jpg
Owner Space
Status Infra
Hostname dafang.dhcp.nurd.space
Location With the rest of the printers
Tool No
Tool category



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With the rest of the printers

We have submitted to the Chinese overlords and now have our own small piece of Chinese Surveillance in Nurdspace!


The Xiaomi Dafang is a Linux based PTZ Camera with a few nice features and is being sold for about $30 from China.

A few of it's features are:

  • PTZ
  • 1080P
  • SD card
  • USB Port
  • Microphone
  • Loudspeaker

However, we are running a custom firmware made by EliasKotlyar

Which now gives it support for MQTT, HomeAsssistant, and a few other things.


The webinterface is accessible through here the login is root, there is no password. You can access it's settings there, and also control the PTZ. SSH is available as well (Root password is ismart123).

You can also access the Dafang using RTSP, this will give you a H264 and also includes audio. The url for this is
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