Dell PowerEdge 1950 Clarity

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Dell PowerEdge 1950 Clarity
Owner Space
Status Working
Hostname clarity
Location Server room
Tool No
Tool category

Dell PowerEdge 1950 Clarity

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Server room


  • 1u Dell PowerEdge 1950
  • 2x 1.6GHz quad core cpu
  • 2x 512MB DDR2 667MHz fully buffered RAM (filling 2 of the 8 slots)
  • PERC SAS controller
  • 3x 146GB 10k rpm 2,5" SAS disks (one with SMART errors)
  • 1x 300GB 10k rpm 2,5" SAS disk
  • DRAC (with error on boot concerning virtual USB stuff)
  • BIOS version 2.7.0


  • Get more RAM
  • Config DRAC ip address
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