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Participants Melan
Skills Programming, soldering, ESP8266, esphome
Status Active as fuck
Niche Artsy stuff
Purpose Infra
Tool No
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343 WS2815 leds underneath the desks in Zaal 1, controlled by a single ESP32 running wled with each desk separated into it's own GPIO. It's located on top of the shared led power supply that's sitting on the drawers underneath the brown desk.

Visit to configure.

GPIO pins

GPIO Desk leds start
GPIO26 Desk white (in front of the studio door) 59 0
GPIO18 Corner desk left (Against the sofa) 100 59
GPIO19 Front desk (longest desk) 108 159
GPIO23 Brown desk (Usual BuZz spot) 76 267

Power supply

It's running of a shared 5v 20a Meanwell power supply.

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