Door lock

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Door lock
Door lock.jpg
Participants Zarya
Skills Electronics
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infra
Tool No
Location Front Door
Tool category Electronics

Door lock

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This page describes the hardware used to create the new door lock of the space. Basically there is a RFID-reader that can read blue keychain tokens and some types of RFID-cards (like OV-chipkaart and WUR-cards). The code of the token/card needs to be read once to match it to a user and then grants access to the front door. Zarya can do this for you when needed.

Hardware used


Doordaemon script

  • doordaemon
    • responds to offering a RFID tag (mifare and others) at the doorsensor
    • runs on the nurdbot VM
      • reads an imap box
      • sends metrics to mqtt
      • Installed under /home/nurdbot/doordaemon
      • configured via /home/nurdbot/doordaemon/config.json
      • Management via /etc/init.d/doordaemon
      • Logging in /var/log/doordaemon.log


/etc/init.d/doordaemon restart

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