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Skills Infrastructure
Status Planning
Niche Hardware
Purpose Saving energy and money
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The space currently uses a lot of old, power hungry hardware and could be optimised by the addition of a small amount of money to refresh the infrastructure. This page stands to collect the ideas on how and what to do with performing this task.


Auto poweroff when space is closed


Some lights are done, still some to go. At least 2 extra Sonoffs are available.


We need to integrate OpenTherm Gateway with automations on Jarvis.


Coffee machine, in case someone forgets to turn it off. LED display in the hall.

Done or almost done

Proxmox Servers

These systems take a lot of power (3 pieces of about 200-400W a piece) (confusion , precious , anotheroneikeepforgetting )


We run a copious amount of virtual machines on our Proxmox cluster


Slab has been replaced by SlabPi

Not sure if this is totally viable, but :

This quadcore CPU has full VT extensions, but is just 10W TDP! For 99% of our VMs, this is probably already a sufficient host. Motherboard has a max of 16GB (in 2x SODIMM DDR3 1866mhz)


  • How is the reallife performance?


The Netapp storage has been identified as a power consuming piece of hardware. It is also FAILING STEADILY so this is important to upgrade!


This machine is primarily used for NFS mounts across the infrastructure.


  • The0 has a 3u case/machine with 12 disk hardware RAID controller (controller has broken ports) with brackets but without disks in it that might make a good replacement.
  • We could construct a JBOD and do software RAID - using the an ASROCK c2750d4i is a good starting point but it is kind of expensive.
  • Maybe 3 old atom boxen with each 4 disks and something like ceph might also work?
  • Or buy a new motherboard and use zaryas 4 port Areca controller


  • What type of FS do we want? (ext4, XFS, ZFS)
  • Can we do HA somehow? (ceph?)
  • What OS?
  • How much storage do we need
  • What kind of RAID level do we want?


Could be replaced with something like Octopi

this is mostly done atm, thanks to Pokon


Replaced with SlabPi.


  • Are we going to keep the touch screen?
  • How much power does the touch screen take? And in stand-by?

Migrating VMs

As many VMs currently running at the space infrastructure do not really need to be hosted at the space, we could migrate many of them away.

Zarya offered to host them in his broomclosetserver (actually not at his home, but at a soccerclub) , we could also ask site4u/bit if we could get some Units 19" space in Ede.

We started making a list of the currently running VMs and noting if they are needed and for what ;

Our site is hosted by Site4U
Part of our connectivity is made available by BIT
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