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|Event=International_Open_Hackerspace_Day_2022,NURDtalk,Makerfaire Eindhoven
|Project=SynthesEis-Ter, Mini_TV,Spacefiets
|Project=SynthesEis-Ter, Mini_TV,Spacefiets

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Member of NURDs
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Nickname '
Memberstatus member
Part of Projects SynthesEis-Ter, Mini_TV, Spacefiets
Attending events International_Open_Hackerspace_Day_2022, NURDtalk, Makerfaire Eindhoven

Would like to learn:

- soldering

- 3D printing

- circuitbending audio equipment

- Arduino stuff

I can probably help you out with:

- Adobe photoshop

- Adobe Indesign

- Ableton Live

- Musicbee

- Soulseek

- Sketchup

Hit me up if you want to:

- Make (electronic) music in the space

- solder something together

- Get started on Raspbankipi

Currently working on:

- A (semi) modular synth based on the Doepfer DIY synth. Advice on features and routings are welcome! Probably gonna house it in a suitcase.

- I need a new VPN, who has recommendations?

- The next round of stickers and possibly a flyer/poster for the space. Hmu to share your design ideas ;)

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