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|Purpose=Use in other project
|ProjectPurpose=Use in other project
== Philips ==
== Philips ==

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NURDspace Project
Participants Bjornl
Skills electronics
Status Dormant
Niche Electronics
Purpose Use in other project
Tool category
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I have an old Philips electronics experiments kit (EE 2003) that I got from my parents. It can be used to test circuits without soldered by means of little springs on a grid board. You'd better just look at the pictures. The accompanying book has been recovered!

http://norbert.old.no/kits/ee2000/ee2003.html (German, with PDFs of the book) http://ee.old.no/2000/ (English)

Other links: http://www.kranenborg.org/ee/ee3.htm

The book: http://sharon.pi8zaa.ampr.org/~pa0ib/bouwdozn/ee/gif/2003521.jpg

The springs can still be bought new: http://winkler.turbo.at/shop_de/index.php?cPath=1100_2423


I picked up a relatively new Mehano Play Electronics kit from Terre des Hommes (for only EUR 1,50!). This one is newer, in better condition and far more complete than the Philips box. The springs works a bit differently (they are in one piece). The springs are not easy to use in this box, and the transistors are not mounted as they are in the Philips box, so they break easily (and one already has).

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