Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer

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Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer
Participants Noxiouspluk, Pokon
Skills 3D Printing, Windows and things
Status Getting parts
Niche Hardware
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool Yes
Location In the middle of the space
Cost lets say affordable
Tool category Electronics

Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer

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What is it

So we acquired an 3d printer thanks to profzon

The Specs are: LxBxH Alot It uses resin it has a freaking bright projector

it has Crypt0l0cker ransomware on it (NOT OUR FAULT)

What is the plan

Fix the leakage.

What have we done

we made a backup of the whole drive for in case we screw it up more

Any links to information?

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