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Event Date DateEnd Location
InfraRefreshKlusDag 21 December 2018 Space
Nurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP edition 28 December 2018 2 January 2019 Space
Operation Trojan Horse Schaarsbergen 13 January 2019 Makerspace Schaarsbergen
Nurd-Inn 14 February 2019 17 February 2019
CCCamp 2019 21 August 2019 25 August 2019 Zehdenick
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AID2018StandAID 2018 Stand22 August 2018Arboretum Belmonte
Adafruit OrderAdafruit Order Date9 January 2015Ede
Android WorkshopAndroid Workshop20 June 2012Space
Anime EveningAnime Evening 122 May 2014Space
Arkham Asylum+expansionBoardgame Arkham Horror23 May 2014Space
BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 2018BIT Nieuwjaarsborrel 201812 January 2018Ede
Boatwarming pochenkBoatwarming pochenk21 July 2018Pochenks bayou
CCCamp 2019CCCamp 201921 August 2019Zehdenick
Connect the DotsConnect the Dots25 August 2014Space
DJ-Workshop 1DJ WorkshopNovember 2014Space
Disconnected Filesharing HackathonDisconnected Filesharing Hackathon3 May 2014Space
Electromagnetic Field 2018Electromagnetic Field 201831 August 2018UK
End of the Year '14End of the Year '1431 December 2014Spaace!
Eth0:2012 SummerEth0:2012 Summer14 August 2012Het Boshuis
FPGA workshophands-on FPGA2 May 2015@space
FabLabTruck-Jaap-visitFabLabTruck-Jaap-visit14 October 2012Departure Wageningen 13:00, from ~ 14:00 in Weesp
FabLabWag Meeting 0FabLabWag Meeting 016 November 2012Binnenhaven 7
FabLabWag Meeting 1FabLabWag Meeting #112 December 2012Hesselink van Suchtelenweg, Wageningen
FabLabWag Meeting 2FabLabWag Meeting #216 January 2013Hesselink van Suchtelenweg, Wageningen
FabLabWag Meeting 3FabLabWag Meeting 313 February 2013Hesselink van Suchtelenweg, Wageningen
Gamedaynight V1Game Day Night21 June 2014Space
HaCkOn 2017HaCkOn14 July 2017Ruigoord
Hack In The Box Security Conference 2018HITB Security Conference 20189 April 2018Amsterdam
Hack42 on TourHack42 on Tour3 November hackerspaces
Hacker Hotel 2018Hacker Hotel 201816 February 2018Garderen
HalveningPtay \oHalveningPtay9 July 2016Space
Happy neighbors OMG/WTF/BBQOMG/WTF/BBQNurdspace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen
Hark24Hark2417 October 2015Hack42 Arnhem
Haxogreen 2016Haxogreen 201628 July 201649.479797, 6.077427
Haxogreen 2018Haxogreen 201826 July 2018Dudelange, Luxembourg
IetsIets20 February 2015Space
InfraRefreshKlusDagAvondInfraRefreshKlusDag21 December 2018Space
July Build Night with SugruJuly Build Night with Sugru5 July 2013Space
Koppelting 2017Koppelting 201721 August 2017De WAR in Amersfoort
Lezing HoogtefotografieLezing Hoogtefotografie15 February 2013Lezingenzaal Hack42 Arnhem
Liberation dayLiberation day5 May 2016Nurdspace, Churchillweg 68, Wageningen
MF050Groningen Mini Maker Faire 201220 October 2012Groningen
MF050 2013(mini) Maker Faire 05012 October 2013Groningen
Meeting 05-01-2012Meeting #95 January 2012Niz
Meeting 07-10-2011Meeting #37 October 2011Bjornl
Meeting 11-04-2012Meeting #1111 April 2012Space starting around 21.00
Meeting 13-04-2012Meeting #1213 April 2012Space starting around 21.00
Meeting 19-11-2011Meeting #619 November 2011At jelle starting 14.00
Meeting 2 12 2011Meeting #72 December 2011Bjornl starting ~20.00
Meeting 20-10-2011Meeting #420 October 2011Bij bjornl
Meeting 23-09-2011Kickoff - Meeting #123 September 2011Niz
Meeting 23-12-2011Meeting #823 December 2011Bjornl
Meeting 27-01-2012Meeting #1027 January 2012Bjornl
Meeting 30-09-2011Meeting #230 September 2011Dennis
Meeting 4-11-2011Meeting #54 November 2011Bij niz
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