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We didn't have a heat gun at the space yet, so we got one for the space: the Atten AT858D (see below).

Possible candidates

Atten ST-8800D

The cheapest one, also the one I was originally thinking of getting. It has decent power and temperatures, a nice display and an auto-off.

  • Power: 800W
  • Temperature: 100℃ - 500℃
  • Airflow: 30L/min - 120L/min

Price: € 99,95

Atten AT858D

One of the cheaper ones, but with it's 700W of power, high temps, it's definitely a good choice. Doesn't have an auto off detection, but does have an auto-off timer.

  • Power: 700 W
  • Temperature: 100℃ - 500℃
  • Airflow: 120L/min (max)

Price: € 100,00

Aoyue 852A++

Has the ability to turn off after a few minutes of not being in use, which is pretty nice.

  • Power: 500 W
  • Temperature: 100~480 °C
  • Airflow: 23 l/min.

Price: € 150,00

Atten ST-862D

Probably the most expensive we are willing to go, definitely has the highest temperature of the lot but doesn't have an auto off feature.fgth

  • Power: 1000 W
  • Temperature: 100℃ - 480℃
  • Airflow: 120L/min (Max)

Price: € 195,00

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