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Hackerspaces App
Participants Joseph
Skills Ionic, API, Android
Status Planning
Niche Software
Purpose Sharing, get more people to the space
Tool No
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Hackerspaces App

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App Goals:

  • Create an ionic app for Android devices that aims to provide a clean and easy user interface for finding and fetching the status of hackerspaces via spaceapi.
  • Allow the user to create a widget for their chosen hackerspace to view status information at a glance. [Widgets are not supported in Ionic]


Currently the app fetches a directory of listings from the SpaceAPI which the user can browse in a list view, they can then select spaces to save which are stored between sessions. Saved space details are loaded and their current status is displayed on the main page, there is a compact view which only displays the space name, if the space is open or closed and the last updated time if the individual space stores that data.


It looks like CORS is only an issue when running or testing the app using ionic serve or ionic run -l. This should be fine for the app but if it later becomes an issue then I could potentially implement requests that do not specify an origin via the ionic proxy server.

Widgets cannot be developed in ionic because they are native Android constructions. Although it does seem possible to create using a cordova plugin called Ace (http://microsoft.github.io/ace) and then bundling that widget with the main build.


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