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m (Hallo, ik ben het Poohbeer)
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|Cost=2 euro
|Cost=2 euro
== Hallo, ik ben het Poohbeer ==
== Hallo, ik ben het, Poohbeer ==
It has cloned!
It has cloned!

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IMG 20190529 203031.jpg
Skills Harking
Status Active as fuck
Niche Retro
Purpose Electronics, fun, world domination
Tool No
Location Space, Boots
Cost 2 euro
Tool category


IMG_20190529_203031.jpg {{#if:No | [[Tool Owner::{{{ProjectParticipants}}} | }} {{#if:No | [[Tool Cost::2 euro | }}

Hallo, ik ben het, Poohbeer

It has cloned!


Them noises

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