Haxogreen 2018

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Haxogreen 2018
Name Haxogreen 2018
Date 2018/07/26
DateEnd 2018/07/29
Location Dudelange, Luxembourg
Attendees Dennis

... is a 4-day outdoor summer camp (26th - 29th July 2018) for over 100 hackers from all over Europe

... is where a community of creators, innovators, engineers, programmers and artists gathers and meets for an informal information-exchange, for talks, workshops and live music, and above all, for fun.

... is the summer-feeling of july, the adventure of outdoor camping, the smell of bbq and the thrill of long nights.

... is a cozy campsite with lots of technology

(shameless stealing from Haxogreen 2016) - Check out haxogreen.lu.



Shared village stuff we need/have

Still need


  • oosjeu will cook at max. two days, send me a message if you want to eat with the group
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