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* Home Assistant for automation on [[Jarvis]]
* Home Assistant for automation on [[Jarvis]]
* DHCP on [[Arbiter]]
* DHCP on [[Arbiter]]
* [[MQTT]] on [[Arbiter]]
= List of infrastructure inventory items=
= List of infrastructure inventory items=

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See the network page.

Which hosts are online?

These are all the hosts that responded to ping, maximum of 30 seconds ago. Hit refresh on top of page when results are incorrect. We should fix dynamic DNS to see al the hostnames.

Hostname IP


Spacenet on the a set of 2 Aruba IAP-105's in a cluster, 1 in the space 1 in the lounge

There is also a guest network available please ask in the space for the password


This wiki is hosted by Site4U and maintained by Niz/buZz and whoever wants to do it. Ask for credentials if needed.

The domain nurdspace.nl is administered by The_Niz, and he can honor DNS requests or provide you with an account when needed. He can also give you an account if needed.


The mailinglist is maintained by buZz and hosted by r3boot. The address is nurds [at] nurdspace.nl

Mail aliases @nurdspace.nl

Administered by r3boot.


Our twitter account @NURDspace is created by Spider. buZz has the login?


We have a Facebook page that's mostly maintained by buZz.


The lights in the space are documented on the lights page. This covers everything hooked up to the LANbox with DMX control.


List of infrastructure inventory items

Our site is hosted by Site4U
Our connectivity is made available by BIT
To BIT's website