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Name InfraRefreshKlusDag
Date 2018/12/21
Location Space

As we've been pushing forward a lot of 'would be nice' infra jobs, we plan to dedicate some time to it.

The plan is a evening event, collect as many infra jobs as possible, and try to get them done.

Jobs list

  • Figure out radiatorknob requirements (slag, nutsize, etc)
  • Draw map of radiatorloops from the heater to determine mutual dependencies of radiators.
  • Map out the fire extinguishers , two of all the extinguishers are under contract. for service once a year (through volkshuis)
  • poke at home assistant?
  • install a home-assistant-interfacing-tablet on the wall somewhere? :D :D :D
  • go through 19" pile
  • add more plz


  • buZz
  • zarya
  • maybe niz
  • you?
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