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Are subsidies available that can support the NURDspace building isolation project? On this page you will find the notes made during a - at first - literature study into this question.


Subsidies are available on three levels: national, province and local. We started at the local level: the municipality of Wageningen. Via the site we quickly found the Duurzaam Wageningen project:

This site contains 5 sections:

  • Living sustainable
  • Working sustainable
  • Sustainable energy
  • Eating sustainable
  • Shopping sustainable

The NURDspace building isolation project does most likely fall in the 'Working sustainable' category. On the next page into the category section we can find the energy advice option. A free introduction meeting with an expert is available. During this meeting one can discover what subsidies, loans etc are available. This seems a good starting point.


Another interesting option can be found on the same page: the energy fund. This fund allows entities registered with the chamber of commerce (KvK) to lend money without a security (onderpand in Dutch). The loan may be used to finance up to 75% of the project. 25% must be paid by the entity. The minimum amount the can be lent is 5000 euro. This implies the investment must be at least 6667 euro with the foundation paying 1667 euro.

The loan must be paid back in 5, 10 or 15 years using an annuity scheme (fixed amount each month with variable interest / term payments). For the current (2019-07) interest rate of 1.6% a loan of 5000 euro would cost:

  • paying back in 5 years: 87 euro per month
  • paying back in 10 years: 46 euro per month

Source: Input: loan 5k, interest rate 1,60%, number of terms 60/120 months

More info: Interest rates:


The next level: the province of Gelderland. The province has a single page with all available subsidies:

At the time of writing (2019-07) none seem available for subsidizing isolation of office spaces.


For home owners a good starting point would be the site of Milieu Centraal ( Although all technical information is relevant for small buildings like the NURDspace as well. It does not contain information for buildings in use for offices.

The main page for foundations and companies seems to be:

This is the part where a first meeting the the energy expert might be helpful (see above).

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