Korg Monotron Eurorack Mod

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Korg Monotron Eurorack Mod
Monotron PCB Front.jpg
Participants Dennis
Skills Soldering
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
Purpose Instrument
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Korg Monotron Eurorack Mod

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The idea is to make a eurorack module out of the Korg Monotron synthesizer. The Monotron synths are extremely hackable, Korg released the schematics and a lot of people have published mods. I have the original Monotron.


  • Remove battery terminals from PCB
  • Design and build a board with the desired in- and outputs, probably on protoboard (called I/O board from this point on)
  • Build a simple board for powering the module (called power board from this point on)
  • Design and build a faceplate
  • Assemble everything together and put it in a eurorack case
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