Li-Ion battery capacity meter

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Li-Ion (18650) battery capacity meter
Participants Danieltoo
Skills 1337 Skillz, Arduino, Coding, Hackery
Status Planning
Niche Hardware
Purpose Infra
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Li-Ion (18650) battery capacity meter

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As of many hackerspaces we rescue 18650 cells from old laptop batteries and other sources

We do have a charger but no good way of testing the capacity of each cell before it goes into the parts pile

Making a capacity tester would solve this. One could buy a chinese unit from fleabay but where is the fun in that? :)

Liion checker raw.jpg


- Arduino pro mini
- Display
- Button
- TP4056 module
- 18650 battery holder
- 5v relay
- DC current load
   - Logic level N chan mosfet
   - lm385 opamp
   - 50k 10 turn pot
   - 1 Ohm 5 Watt resistorrrr
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