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Participants Melan
Skills Python, Linux
Status Active
Niche Music
Purpose Infra
Tool No
Tool category General


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A small program that runs on the SlabPI that takes input from MQTT and feeds it to youtube-dl which in turn puts the extracted audio into MPD.


It runs in /home/pi/mpdtube and as a systemd service called mpdtube.


MQTT Server:

Send a MQTT message to the topic mpd/youtube-dl/play, the video will be automatically downloaded and have the audio extracted and then put in MPD's current playlist. If random mode is enabled, the song will get the highest priority so that it gets played next, songs get added with the highest priority (256), once a song has already been queued with priority 256, the next song will be at priority 255 and so on. If MPD is in normal mode, it will put the song as the next in the list. And if MPD is not playing, it will start playing the song right away.

If you want to monitor the output, you can as MPDTube publishes the information to mpd/youtube-dl/status/# (/info, /warning and /error).


You can give anything that youtube-dl supports, which includes soundcloud. You can see a full list over here. You can also search for youtube videos buy using ytsearch:kinderen voor kinderen, it will pick the top most result.


You can get the source code here

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