Make your hobby stuff a reality

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Make your hobby stuff a reality
Participants Oosjeu
Skills Home-made, Sublimation, Embrodury, Crochet
Status Active as fuck
Niche Artsy stuff
Purpose Promotion
Tool No
Cost see page or ask oosjeu
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Make your hobby stuff a reality

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Because I ( User:Oosjeu ) get a lot of questions about the stuff I can make. Which can be sublimated coffee mugs or tea glasses, sublimated mouse pads, T shirts and other stuff. But also embroidered patches, key-chains, labels. And crocheted stuff. for example a stroller toy.


Sublimated coffee and espresso mugs:

Sublimated tea glass:

Embroidered key-chain:

Embroidered face mask: (more example pics will follow)

Crocheted stroller toy: (the snail and ladybug have a smile, but missing on some pics)

Crocheted my little pony:

Price indication, ex. shipping

Sublimated coffee mug big: 12.50 euro

Sublimated espresso cup: 10.50 euro

Sublimated tea glass: 13.50 euro

Crocheted stroller toy (including crocheted animals, 2 squeeker/rammelaar things in animal, rope, beads and endclips): 60 euro.

Crocheted My little pony: 12.50 euro

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