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Dell Poweredge 2850

Scrapped, some parts of it are still in the space.

  • Dual PSU
  • 2x Single core Xeon CPU @ 3GHz, looks like it's this one
  • DVD drive
  • Dell Remote Access Controller 4/I (DRAC)
  • Dell Service Tag 5YPMZ1J
  • 4x Seagate Cheetah 15K 136GB SCSI disks in bracket, two empty brackets

Dell Poweredge 2950

  • Werking onbekend
  • Specs onbekend (eerst nog een keer aansluiten en aanzetten om specs te bepalen, anders is hij niet te verkopen)
  • Geen drives en geen brackets
  • Geen PSU

Dell R410 (from Pjotr)

Boots \o/

1x Supermicro Superserver 6015T-TB (from Pjotr)

Ten sold, one needs to be tested.


Cisco 887 Firewall/router/access point

  • See this link
  • Looks like a lot of the mentioned options are there

Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series

Biamp Nexia PM

Altec Lansing 9444A Power Amplifier (2x)

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