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[[:File:Dome Instructions Build 4.svg]]
[[:File:Dome Instructions Build 4.svg]]
[[:File:Dome Instructions Top.svg]]

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Skills construction, grinding, drilling
Status Production
Niche Mechanics
Purpose Infrastructure
Tool No
Tool category


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Frame construction

File:Dome Instructions BOM.svg


  • 30 x 'S' : 1.57m x 22mm steel
  • 40 x 'M' : 1.82m x 22mm steel
  • 50 x 'L' : 1.86m x 22mm steel

File:Dome Instructions Pipe Layout.svg


File:Dome Instructions Cover.svg

File:Dome Instructions Hub.svg

File:Dome Instructions Folding.svg

File:Dome Instructions Build 1.svg

File:Dome Instructions Build 2.svg

File:Dome Instructions Build 3.svg

File:Dome Instructions Build 4.svg

File:Dome Instructions Top.svg


  • 7 mm wide zipties
  • Grommets
  • Tent rope

Cover construction


Design decisions

  • The dome is 4.5m high, 9m in diameter, 63m2 surface area.
  • The tubes are 22mm (stainless?) steel tubes
  • The inner ring of the hub are a 40mm external diameter steel ring, with a height of 25 mm.
  • The outer ring of the hub are a 75mm external diameter steel ring, with a height of 50mm.
  • Both ends of a steel pipe are drilled with an 8mm hole, with it's center point located 8mm from the edge.
  • The outer hub will be equipped with 24mm holes.
  • The short pipes (S) (1.57m) are marked with BLACK tape
  • The medium pipes (M) (1.82m) are marked with WHITE tape
  • The long pipes (L) (1.86m) are marked with RED tape
  • 140 grommets are needed
  • 60 herrings are needed
  • Special tape is used to provide "meat" to mount the grommets on the cover


  • Pipes 396 euro
  • Covering material (Hermetix) 137 euro
  • Hubrings: 1 node
  • Zipties 20 euro
  • 200m Shavelines: 63 euro
  • 60 herrings: 12 euro
  • Mounting tape for sailrings: 10.5 euro
  • 140 Sailrings 21.80
  • Sailring mount tool + shipping: 10

Total: 670.30 euro

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