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* Open Art Days 18-8 and 15-9
* Open Art Days 18-8 and 15-9
* rookbeleid @space
== Funding ==
== Funding ==

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Meeting aug 2012
Name Meeting aug 2012
Date 2012/08/24
Location Space
Contact buZz

We are going to have a meeting to decide a couple things. Of course date is still problematic so please enter which dates you could be here.

Date: 24-8-2012 20:00


Please add items you want to discuss!!1!11

Moar space

  • Do we want more space?
  • Are we going to add number 79 to our space?
  • Do we really want 104?
  • What are we going to do with 104?

Extra free furniture from old BOVAG building (done)

* We can have free furniture, audio equipment, projector, overhead projector * This is only available until 18-8 * We'd need to rent a van to go get it (split cost?)

  • We have obtained lots of 19" AV-equipment, most interestingly some AMX domotica
  • What we don't need we can give away or sell

Less monies

  • Do we want to change contribution to Hackerspace_Norm? (25 euros a month)


  • What about it?

Other items

  • Open Art Days 18-8 and 15-9
  • rookbeleid @space


ANBI / SBBI: Hoe worden we het, heeft het consequenties of nadelen?

Meer info: http://www.belastingdienst.nl/wps/wcm/connect/bldcontentnl/belastingdienst/zakelijk/bijzondere_regelingen/goede_doelen/sociaal_belang_behartigende_instellingen/hoe_maakt_u_gebruik_van_de_sbbi_regeling

De voordelen zijn duidelijk: gratis Xbox 360 + Kinect (http://www.techsoup.nl/MS_XBOX)

More funding (regular finances)

  • How many constant members do we have?
  • How do we make sure people pay on time so we don't depend on Bjorn's personal buffer?
  • How do we keep track of our own buffer?
  • How do we regulate what our (optional) buffer can be used for?


  • buZz (always available)
  • FwD (always available)
  • Niz
  • the0
  • Profzon
  • inytar
  • bjornl
  • ID: kan niet
  • you?
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