Meeting aug 2012

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Meeting aug 2012
Name Meeting aug 2012
The date "2012/08/0x" was not understood.
The date "2012/08/0x" was not understood.
Location Space
Contact buZz

We are going to have a meeting to decide a couple things. Of course date is still problematic so please enter which dates you could be here.

Dates we are considering are 10-08 and 11-08 but as always open for other dates


Please add items you want to discuss!!1!11

Moar space

  • Do we want more space?
  • Are we going to add number 79 to our space?
  • Do we really want 104?
  • What are we going to do with 104?

Less monies

  • Do we want to change contribution to Hackerspace_Norm? (25 euros a month)


  • What about it?

Other items

  • Open Art Days 18-8 and 15-9


  • buZz (always available) (prefer 11) (unavailable from ~13 till ~20 august)
  • FwD
  • Niz 10-08 11-08 both are fine (prefer 11)
  • the0 after 12-8 ?
  • Profzon: 12 t/m 20
  • inytar: not 15-22
  • bjornl: 10/11 is prima
  • you?
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