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Mididome 7.png
Skills Construction
Status Active
Niche Hardware
Purpose Infrastructure
Tool No
Location Keuken II
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Construction of midi dome


I have prototyped a theoretical covering for the above structure consisting of hexagons and pentagons of 18cm side length. There seems to be enough slack with this ~20% extra space to allow for the centre dimpling of each polygon. On large scale this covering will need tying down somehow - I'd recommend constructing tiedowns on the triangular face joints. This ought to allow sufficient strengthening, and is possible to tie on if the above construction method is used, by constructing the whole thing underneath the covering.


Construction of 4m prototype

Required materials:

  • 30 x 'S' : 0.70m x 16mm PVC
  • 40 x 'M' : 0.80m x 16mm PVC
  • 50 x 'L' : 0.82m x 16mm PVC

We will need 24 4m x 16mm PVC pipes + 1 extra = 25 pipes. Cut them as follows:

  • 13 x SMLLL
  • 9 x SMMML
  • 1 x SSSLL
  • 1 x SSSSS

  • 25 x 6-way connectors
  • 6 x 5-way connectors
  • 15 x 4-way connectors

Total = 46 connectors. A connector consists of an inner ring and an outer ring. The inner ring is a 40x20mm PVC ring. The outer ring is a 75x35mm PVC ring.

  • 46 * 20 = 0.8m tube to make the inner rings
  • 46 * 35 = 1.61m tube to make the outer rings.
PVC shopping list
25 x 4m x 16mm pipe
1 x 1m x 40mm pipe
1 x 2m x 75mm pipe

Bag of zipties (300x)

Mount grommets on PVC


  • Cover: 45E
  • PVC pipes: 100E
  • Tubing: 20E
  • 40 herrings: 8E
  • Tape: 9E
  • Sailring mounting tool + shipping: 10E (yes, also for maxidome :) )
  • Zipties: 15E

Total: 197 euro

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