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* viola & stef (after ~13:00)
* viola & stef (after ~13:00)
* profzon
* profzon
* madeddie

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Name Moov'n
Date 2017/04/08
Location Churchillweg
Contact buZz

Today we'll be moving all our furniture!

Please poke buZz on irc (or add yourself if you have access) if you are coming to help so we can do some adequate foodplanning ;)

Eats und drinks will be paid for.


Saturday april 8. Around 10:00 we are gathering at the old space of Churchillweg 68


Van with lift is rented for the day with optional extension to sunday.


  • buZz
  • FwD
  • The_Niz
  • the0
  • pokon
  • Anus (probably)
  • ritger (h42)
  • flok
  • BugBlue (h42) (perhaps)
  • dvanzuijlekom (h42) (perhaps)
  • eightdot (h42) (end of day) (perhaps)
  • nooitaf (probably)
  • invict (after 14.30)
  • viola & stef (after ~13:00)
  • profzon
  • madeddie


  • the0: one couch (friday-> saturday)
  • Anus one couch, chair or other soft surface . . blanket optional (friday-> saturday)

(prolly more but i cant remember now)


I made a (probably incomplete) list of furniture here ; https://pad.puscii.nl/p/meubellijst

What else

If we have time we can use the van to also get rid of some garbage at the gemeentedump. (but only between 10:00 and 16:00)

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