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Nurdbar failery.jpg
Participants Bjornl, Nooitaf, Petraea, Smokeyd, Zarya
Skills programming
Status Planning
Niche Software
Purpose Infrastructure
Tool No
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In ~september we switched to nooitaf's nurdbar version.

attempt at documentation ;

20:21:57 <@buZz> nooitaf: hoe kan profzon nu club mate cola aan de bar verkopen?
20:23:23 <@nooitaf> buZz: moment.. ik check ff goed
20:25:44 <@nooitaf> profzon (om in te loggen)
20:25:49 <@nooitaf> dan..
20:26:41 <@nooitaf> sell MATEBARCODE AMOUNT(INT) PRICE(FLOAT) 
20:27:05 <@nooitaf> dus example
20:27:14 <@nooitaf> sell 0000000000 20 0.0

attempt #2 ;

old shit

Using the BPM_Studio_Jukebox, this project has been resurrected into a hybrid IRC client/payment management terminal.


IRC client identifies self as 'popcorn' and can be used by guests etc. to interact with the IRC channel.

  • It also should allow anyone to be able to turn on/off the lights from inside the space itself.

The payment manager is switchable to on pressing TAB.

The database is held on postgresql.nurdspace.lan.

Identification is done by unique barcode - pre-defined in the DB. (LDAP-integration? We could store people's ID's in a field there)

Commands are entered by specific barcodes e.g. buy, sell, log out, etc.

  • Multiples of items can be entered in text

Items are sold into the system after item identification (name, size, origin country, price if selling) and the seller is credited the value.

Items can then be bought out of the system by scanning your ID, then the item (and entering any multiples if desired)

New accounts/barcodes can be added by asking Petraea

Old News

We'd like to automate the bar, inspired by Bitlair. buZz has a barcode scanner, so we can set up a system where you identify yourself and identify your drink, and then the required amount of funds is automatically subtracted from your account.


  • by barcode (if you're a regular);
  • by typing your name in he terminal;
  • NFC-device?

The drinks will be identified by a barcode scanner.

Update 16-4

Just got the barcode scanner working on my MacBook w/ Lion. You want:

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