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Nes to USB
Nes to usb.jpg
Participants Pokon, Smokeyd
Skills Basic pc hardware
Status Active
Niche Electronics
Purpose Fun
Tool No
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Nes to USB

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Trying to get my electronical and soldering skills up.

So converting a nes controller to USB for use with emulators.

Parts: Nes controller Old USB keyboard Tact-switches Hot gleu

Tools: Philips head screwdriver Hot glue gun Soldering iron And some thinking

Building: stripping the old keyboard for the controller, dremel a part out of the nes circuit board so the controller and the board fit in the housing of the nes controller

after fucking up the nes board Pokon printed the board on the 3d printer just to hold the buttons, after fucking up the keyboard controller smokey asked me if it wasnt simpeler to just make a usb controller out of scratch. .... it is simples but i dont know nothing about coding so from now on Smokey helps me with the everything.

prototype on a breadboard: Nes to usb prototype.jpg

Well after SmokeyD went to the other side of the world i was stuck so i switched the project with an teensy 2.0 that buzz had in reserve. I got the code for the keyboard layout from fiermans Giant nes project, after usig my very noobish soldering skills the board is working and

Nes to usb.jpg Nes to usb2.jpgNes to usb3.jpgNes to usb4.jpg

almost done only two things remain: putting it in the controller case (need to saw it) and make it work with a raspberry

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