Networked Audiomixer

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Networked Audiomixer
Participants Buzz
Skills Electronics
Status Planning
Niche Electronics
Purpose Infra
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Networked Audiomixer

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We've had experience with hardware like this through the Nexia_PM, but thats a very expensive device.

This project aims to make a simple 4x in 1x out (or maybe 2x out) stereo mixer that is controllable over network -only-.


Dreamer suggested this circuit ;

This shows a mono 4 to 1 summing mixer, which would be adequate.

Stuff to get

  • 8 digital potentiometers
  • 8 'buffer' opamps
  • 2 output opamps
  • ferrite beads
  • connectors
  • some powersupply? (this circuit needs -15, 0 and +15V)
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