Nurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP edition

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Nurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP edition
Name Nurd&Nieuw 2019 VIP edition
Date 2018/12/28
DateEnd 2019/01/02
Location NURDspace
Contact IRC
Attendees Dennis, Dvanzuijlekom

Check it out! Come and have a blast @ NURDspace during the Nurd&Nieuw Very Important Party 201[89] edition.

Add yourself to the list below if you are a Very Important Person that needs to be at this party:

  • pochenk
  • SpiderWebz
  • R3boot (talk)
  • psy0rz
  • buZz
  • bavrogar & gloin
  • niz
  • albundy & maya
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