Nurdinn fall2017edition

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Nurdinn fall2017edition
Name NurdInn
Date 2017/10/26
Location Space

thursday 26 october till monday 30 october there will be another Nurdinn


  • buZz
  • dreamer
  • vierla
  • nooitaf
  • bigmacfoobar +1
  • jglauche
  • ..
  • you?

Stuff to do

  • Revive massive lasercutter
  • Fix dreamers Minifab-II
  • Try to reinstall Envisiontec Ultra 3DP SLA printer
  • Play with audio/video-studio in 'secret area'
  • Create and print frame for microdrone
  • Try to build something in love2d
  • Add more sonoffs to the space lighting to automate more stuff
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