Operation Trojan Horse Schaarsbergen

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Operation Trojan Horse Schaarsbergen
Name Operation Trojan Horse Schaarsbergen
Date 2019/01/13
Location Makerspace Schaarsbergen
Contact User:Pokon
Attendees Dennis, Dvanzuijlekom

Under pretense of fixing their broken 3D-printers we will invade Makerspace Schaarsbergen (aka Hack42).

They know we're coming.

The ultimaker rescue project

Hack 42 has obtained 7 f-up ultimakers, we from nurdspace are sending our crack commando printing unit to repair the bastards and let one disappear.

the participants of the unit: |Pokon (the guy who licks stuff) |The_Niz (Beerdrinking awesome thingidoer) |FwD (wants to explore hack42 more) |DvanZuijlekom (our inside man) |r3boot (the supplier of tools and always hungry for knowledge) |BuZz (our decoy ;) )

the plan: |-Set a date to invade Hack42 (now 19/01/2019) |-The getaway driver will be anyone with a drivers license and pokons car |-look for outside damages (for example broken frames and stuff) |-use the most broken one as a donor

when all printers are functioning hardware wise its time for the following |-Bed leveling |-making a cura profile for best results |-print some dickbutts as a testprint

ending: |we are going to drink a thing |drop one of the printers in the getaway vehicle

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