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Pokons printer to do list
Status Planning
Niche Documentation
Purpose Infra
Tool Yes
Location everywhere where there is a printer
Cost dont know dont care
Tool category Electronics

Pokons printer to do list

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Anet a8 stock

  • Resolder wires from the board to the mosfet
  • PID tune so it wont overshoot about 50 degrees
  • check filament gear because of grinding
  • Level the bed once again

Malyan m200 Modded

  • write the marlin config
  • level the bed
  • PID tune
  • get a glass bed and relevel again

Super metal space printer (aka anet but with extrusions)

  • wire the electronics
  • get a mosfet for the bed
  • PID tune
  • Level the bed
  • testprint
  • make a cura profile
  • hook it up to octoprint
  • make a manual so that every nurd can use it

Envisiontec printer

  • poke envisiontec again
  • give buzz the backup finally so he can get the software hacked
  • poke around in the community for an opensource alternative
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